• Front and Back of Mountain Magic Stomach Friendly Coffee Bag

    Mountain Magic

    Looking for a high quality low acid coffee? We start with beans from the high mountains of Columbia, producing a rich and bold cup that pleases the senses of those who enjoy firm tones and full body. Then we process and roast to create the perfect...

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  • Variety Pack - showing a basket holding 1 small bag of all 6 coffees with grinder in background

    Variety Pack

    Our Variety Pack of premium coffees that are made specifically for sensitive stomachs includes six coffees made from specially selected beans that are processed and roasted to create a healthy, flavorful, stomach friendly cup. Blends include: Mountain...

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  • Front and Back of Paradise Found Stomach Friendly Coffee Bag

    Paradise Found

    A coffee paradise, fair trade blend for low acid. Beans originating from Central America, South America, Africa, and Island Oceania are blended and optimized for perfect compound balance. Smooth, with lots of flavor, this is a favorite for many...

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  • Front and Back of Hold On To Your Hat Stomach Friendly Coffee Bag

    Hold On To Your Hat

    A splendid blend of South America and Asia designed for the dark rich coffee lover, mimicking a bold Cuban coffee. It quickly excites the palate and then tapers off with no lingering aftertaste. The name and description may cause you to feel this will be...

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