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Variety Pack   $22.88 Our Most Popular Choice for New Customers

Our Variety Pack makes it easy to find your favorite stomach friendly premium coffee. It includes six (Four Blends and Two Single Origin) coffees made from specially selected beans that are processed and roasted to create a flavorful, stomach friendly cup. Each bag will produce at least one pot of coffee so this will yield a minimum of 60 cups, that's only 38 cents per cup of coffee that helps your stomach with lower acid. (does not include basket, grinder, or decaf) Not available as K-Cups.



rob-testimonial.jpg...From Morning Glory to Mountain Magic I have enjoyed the flavor and the richness of the blends. No bitterness or stomach problems that other brands have... (Rave reviews from all my coffee drinking guests as well.)  -Rob E.




Hold On To Your Hat   $23.88  (16 oz bag or 12 K-Cups)

A splendid blend of South America and Asia designed for the dark rich coffee lover, mimicking a bold Cuban coffee. It quickly excites the palate and then tapers off with no lingering aftertaste. The name and description may cause you to feel this will be to strong for your stomach, but rest assured, this unique cup has a low acid result. If you enjoy bold flavor, you will love this 100% premium coffee.






Paradise Found   $24.88  (16oz Bag or 12 K-Cups)

A coffee paradise, fair trade blend for low acid. Beans originating from Central America, South America, Africa, and Island Oceania are blended and optimized for perfect compound balance. Smooth, with lots of flavor, this is a favorite for many of our customers. 100% Premium Arabica blend that provides a beautiful coffee flavor.






Mountain Magic   $24.88  (16 oz Bag or 12 K-Cups) For Very Sensitive Stomachs!

We start with beans from the high mountains of Columbia, producing a rich and bold cup that pleases the senses of those who enjoy firm tones and full body. Then we process and roast to create the perfect compound balance for a naturally healthy roast. A masterpiece proving that even robust coffee can be easy on your stomach. 100% Premium coffee.






Ridge Roast   $23.88  (16 oz Bag or 12 K-Cups)

A unique blend of high elevation Guatemalan and Indonesian beans. This blend provides a full flavor cup for the most sensitive coffee aficionado and the most sensitive stomachs. Many enjoy this blend most in single cup brewing machines. 100% premium coffee. Your stomach will be pleased with the healthy balance of natural processing with low acid results.






Morning Glory   $24.88  (16 oz Bag or 12 K-Cups)

This single source Thailand coffee is one of the best beans in the world, providing a milder flavor that can be enjoyed by virtually any coffee lover. If you enjoy a softer coffee experience, you will love Morning Glory. And, of course, it is soft on your stomach. 100% Premium coffee.






Wildwood $24.88  (16 oz Bag or 12 K-Cups)

Imagine enjoying a rare cup of coffee brewed over a campfire and you will begin to sense the natural earthly tones of this complex Indonesian coffee that has the lowest natural acid content in the world. The flavor begins mildly and ends with a full finish that pleases the palate.  100% Premium Arabica Coffee.






Mayan Mist  $23.88 (16 oz Bag or 12 K-cups)

Raised at a shaded high altitude, this Arabica coffee slowly matured near the Mayan Ruins of Copan and produces a beautifully intense flavor with a smooth finish. This single-origin, low acid gem from Honduras will thrill your palate and stomach. 





midnight-breeze-for-website-with-meter.pngMidnight Breeze (Decaf)   $23.88  (16 oz Bag or 12 K-Cups)

This rich Honduran decaf coffee is Swiss Water Processed, with no chemicals, so the authentic coffee flavor is retained while being decaffeinated. You may have never had a decaf or low acid coffee this good or this healthy. Its full aroma fills the air as soon as you open the bag. Your nose, palate and stomach will love this cup to relax with. 100% premium coffee. 







We love all children and want to see each one have a safe and happy home where they are loved, protected and provided for. To do our part, we donate 5% of every sale to help reduce the cost of adoption so that willing couples will not be overwhelmed or hindered with the high expenses associated with adopting a child in need.





WOWZERS! Bold in your face flavor. Very smooth and rich without all the acid and turmoil in your guts! And I can speak honestly on this one because I have UC (ulcerative colitis) and most coffees tend to send me running, if you know what I mean.  -Cayce